Monday, November 18, 2013

Beautiful moonlight in your children's room.

I was watching the feedback of children after visiting a science exhibition. The interactive show on TV was efficiently anchored by a young man who seemed to have the knack of bringing out the best in every child. In addition, he was genuinely amazed at some of the things that the children remembered seeing in the science educational cum entertainment show.

One of exhibits was a replica of a moon on the wall of a bedroom with light emitting from the gadget that looked surprisingly similar to moon light!

Fancy lights for children's room.

I suddenly recalled where I have seen it too. It was in Tamil film. I too liked it very much and resolved to find its availability and the price. I forgot it promptly. The TV show made me to get away from the TV immediately and I sat in front of my PC and sought the help of the ever dependable Google to show me the artificial moonlight.

Ah, there it was, in Amazon ‘The moon in myroom”.

Amazon product description says, “Enjoy the shining beauty of the moon right at home with Uncle Milton's Moon in My Room. This realistic moon model hangs on your wall and lights up to show the different phases of the moon. Recommended for children ages six and older, Moon in My Room lets you experience the awe-inspiring sight of our moon at any time.”

Monday, October 28, 2013

Drug free back pain treatment with wireless portable device.

I feel the pain whenever my husband winces in pain due to muscle spasms on his left leg. He has been living with the pain for over two years even after consuming hundreds of nerve stimulator tablets. It is pity that he is yet to try the TENS method (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) that is so popular in the U.S.

Of course a crude version of the treatment is available here in Madras that not many prefer due to getting tied up by clumsy wires and that sticky gel gives one a queasy feeling.

Recently I read about a portable TENS device that comes without any cords. What a great invention! I believe it is ideal for those suffering from chronic back pain, rheumatoid arthritis and even fibromyalgia. I am sure millions of people would find to be an ideal pain reliever without any medicines.

This means absolutely no side effects!

 Drug free back pain treatment with wireless portable device.

Look at this two piece wireless TENS machine. The bigger part is the massager that is attached on the area of treatment and the other one is a hand held remote. It is a battery operated device and that battery is supposed to last 150 sessions of 30 minutes each! Wow! One may not use the machine for that long.

TENS wireless is definitely safe to use and also is very discreet. See how you can use the wireless TENS pain reliever.